General Manager

LocationSouth Asia
Duration12-23 months, 2+ years
Job ID1356
DateSeptember 7, 2018

We are a visionary, fast-growing and creative manufacturing business, and we serve customers in Europe and America. We are committed to fair trade and believe in the power of business to positively impact materially poor communities. We achieved revenues of close to $1m in 2015 and are now in a period of rapid growth.

The General Manager will have strong leadership skills and be responsible for all of the day-to-day activities of the business in two rural locations. They will have a focus on shaping the local leadership team of Managers and Executives so that their talent and potential is realized. We would offer a fixed-term contract for a period of between 2 and 5 years (including an initial 3-to-6-month probation period) and will pay a good local salary, plus benefits.

The successful candidate will be aligned to the vision and values of the business, and will thrive working in cross cultural contexts; they will have a good relevant degree and work experience, and a track record of successfully running a team or business unit. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English are required, as well as leadership qualities and the ability to take ownership of new projects.