East Asia

Professor of Computing

East Asia / Engineering / 1-11 months / Job ID: 1514

East Asia / Engineering / 1-11 months / Job ID: 1514This science and technology university has a goal of training local scholars and researchers at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Through direct teaching and research, professors will have an opportunity to improve local knowledge and skills, in addition to interfacing with their students. PhD level…

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Contextualisation or syncretism?

“It was their church that was at the brink of being birthed, and they must come up with their own contextualised way of conducting baptisms.”

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The best place to be

Working alongside with the national church is not to ‘show and tell’ what it means to follow Jesus, but to learn, discern and participate in what God has already been doing amongst the local people. It is not just to say, “Here I am, use me,” but to say, “Thank you God, for using these people to teach me about humility, trust and perseverance; thank you for giving me the privilege to witness the mission movement amongst them in a time such as this.”

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The gentle healer

We met Joshua* 10 years ago when we first came to East Asia as Interserve Partners. He was a humble, gentle medical doctor and qualified counselor, who worked in our counselling company where we initially gave training and supervision.

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Remembering Mongolia

Hugh Kemp, founder of Mongolia TEE, returns for its 20th anniversary in 2015. Fifty-five of the best tutors from all over the country attended – some now with 20 years of experience in leading dozens of TEE groups.

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