God went ahead of us

We were absolutely delighted with the amazing warm hearted and friendly responses from asylum seekers.

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Guesthouse Host(s)

Arab World, Hospitality, 1-11 months / Job ID: 791

Arab World, Hospitality, 1-11 months / Job ID: 791This is an 11-room/24-bed guesthouse geared to providing rest for workers in the region. Help provide a place of rest for weary workers. People gifted in hospitality and service are needed. Responsibilities would include upkeep of rooms helping in the kitchen transportation for guests to and from…

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A refugee comes to stay

What followed changed my life I had a vivid vision of Jesus carrying the cross.

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Fearless generous hospitality

Hope in the powerful name of Jesus is light in darknessit breaks the bonds of fear.

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Speak up for us

Each week I visit refugees who are being detained in the Immigration Detention Centre. Having left their country in fear of their lives they now live in a country which does not recognise them or give them any legal rights. My fears pale in comparison.

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